All kinds of research has gone into CBD and its benefits. Not only does cannabidiol treat a range of medical conditions and symptoms, but it also prevents serious illnesses and improves sleep, digestive function, and a lot more. It’s no surprise that CBD continues to grow in popularity and reach as time goes on. But don’t just take our word for it- there are many insane CBD statistics to back this up.

Between surveys, figures, and scientific studies, there are all kinds of amazing CBD facts to look into. These cover both the popularity of cannabidiol and its uses. Here are six of the most insane CBD statistics.

62% of CBD Users Use It To Treat Medical Conditions

As the body of research on the uses of cannabidiol grows, so does its users. And while some might use CBD as a simple daily health supplement, many use it regularly to treat serious medical conditions.

2018 cross-sectional study of cannabidiol users found 62% of users use it to treat their medical conditions. The most common use was for pain, although anxiety and depression are also very popular reasons to use CBD.

The study also found that of all CBD users, only 4.3% reported that it didn’t treat their symptoms well. While many use CBD in conjunction with other treatments, over a third of users said CBD treats their condition well enough on its own. This data was collected between October 2017 to January 2018, so it’s likely the use of CBD has grown even more since then.

80% of CBD Users Found it Extremely Effective

A massive survey by Hello MD and the Brightfield Group also found that CBD users had overwhelmingly positive feedback. Their CBD survey polled 150,000 users on the use of cannabidiol and found that 80% found it to be an extremely effective treatment.

This covered CBD usage for all kinds of conditions and symptoms. What’s more, 42% of users found CBD so beneficial that they stopped using traditional medications for their condition altogether.

This continues to show the popularity and positivity around CBD. Whether its used for insomnia, depression, anxiety, and joint pain, users find it to be an incredibly beneficial treatment that can even work well on its own.

CBD Reduces Seizures by 41.9%

Another one of the most common uses for CBD is to treat seizures. Epileptic patients often have a hard time treating their symptoms, and CBD has emerged as an extremely helpful alternative treatment for various forms of epilepsy.

2018 study on using CBD to treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (a severe form of epilepsy) found that it reduced drop seizures by 41.9%. This was based on patients taking  20 mg of CBD per kg of body weight per day.

Another study on treating epilepsy with CBD found that 85% of parents of epilepsy sufferers reported a reduction of seizures in their children. Furthermore, 14% reported that their children were completely free of seizures after using CBD. This highlights how effective CBD can be as a treatment for epilepsy.

CBD Can Rapidly Reduce Symptoms

Not only can CBD help with a range of symptoms and conditions, but it can also work on your body very fast. A study on using CBD for depression also found that it had antidepressant effects within 30 minutes. What’s more, this was based on one high dosage, showing that it can instantly help treat symptoms.

Similarly, a study on using CBD for social anxiety found that a single dosage of 400-600mg of CBD was enough to reduce anxiety symptoms. Effects had already set in within an hour, proving again that CBD can work fast.

This is also similar for treating pain. While it can depend on the method of ingestion, those using CBD Oil can get relieving effects within 20-30 minutes. This makes CBD a very useful treatment for dealing with problems quickly

The CBD Market Has Grown Over 100% In 2 Years

The CBD industry is experiencing a huge boom. With hemp products now being legal across the United States and support for CBD treatment growing, consumer sales are growing year by year.

Statistics from Statista show growth in CBD sales of over 100% from 2017 to 2019. What’s more, it looks like the market is set to grow even more. Sales are projected to grow to over $1.8 billion by 2022 and could grow even more beyond that.

As more people learn about the health benefits of cannabidiol, the market will only expand more. It’s now easier than ever for anyone to buy CBD online in all kinds of forms and use it safely and legally.

CBD Has A Very High Safety Profile

While some might worry about the side effects of a new treatment, CBD is found to be overwhelmingly safe. A 2017 research review found that, in 132 studies on CBD, there are no significant side effects. Humans can also tolerate long-term use of CBD and high dosages extremely well.

Some users may experience mild effects. For instance, tiredness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite are sometimes reported. However, for the most part, studies find that CBD is extremely safe for human consumption in all quantities.

Not only is it safe to use without side effects, but CBD is also non-addictive and you can’t overdose on CBD. This makes it a very helpful alternative to many medications which often come with potentially negative effects in the long-run.


A large amount of research now out there on CBD tells us a lot. The majority of users find it incredibly useful for treating a range of conditions, with many even choosing it over traditional medications. It can also work fast, significantly reduce serious health problems, and is extremely safe to use.