Massage and Body OIl

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We push our minds and bodies to the limits. We ace the tests, we work hard, and we expect our bodies to perform at the highest level all day every day. Our bodies are typically good at taking what life throws at us. However, sometimes we forget to reward our bodies with what they may need most—relaxation.

“It’s like an at-home spa, but better!” 

Bring relief & relaxation into your home and on your skin, with this professional-grade massage oil.

This smooth, never-greasy CBD oil absorbs fast into the skin with the aromatic properties of cinnamon. Lie back and allow this potent CBD oil to transport you elsewhere, while your shoulders lower and your muscles loosen.

Besides pure CBD isolate, this soothing CBD massage oil contains sunflower oil, which is one of the best hydrating, non-comedogenic plant oils for skin care, alongside cinnamon cassia extract, ginger, and capsicum to help create a gently warming sensation.

Directions: Adults apply no more than 3 times daily every 6-8 hours to desired area. Under 18 year of age: ask a doctor.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, sunflower oil, safflower, capric triglyceride, sesame seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, Vitamine E, Vitamin A, CBD Isolates


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