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Small batch roasted right here in Mid Michigan.

We roast only the highest quality Arabica coffee beans.  Our high altitude grown beans create a smoother cup of coffee, which we constantly taste test to guarantee superior flavor.  We offer a very large selection of flavored coffees in regular or decaffeinated, using only the finest natural flavoring oils – no powders or calories.

Our roasting of gourmet coffee is different than the mass majority of roasters. Since today’s coffee roasting machines are designed the same way they were over 100 years ago, the coffee taste profiles have not changed much over the years. Drum roasters make up 95% of the machines that roast coffee in the world. There are several manufactures of drum roasters, each being a little different, but all roast the same way. The beans are poured into a chamber with a round drum very similar to a clothes dryer. The drum turns so the beans are tumbling to try to give the coffee an even roast. High heat is used to get the drum hot enough to roast the beans. The beans tumble and constantly encountered a hot metal drum. You get the idea.

We choose to roast our coffees in a machine called a fluid bed roaster, or some call it an air roaster. Instead of using a drum to tumble and roast the beans, our machine uses hot air in the chamber levitating and roasting the beans, similar to a hot air popcorn popper. We do not use high heat since air is blowing directly into the roast chamber over the beans.

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Dark Roast, Go Bananas, Chocolate Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Medium Roast, Peppermint Mocha, 4oz Sampler Pack, Irish Cream, Jingle Bell Java, Decaf Breakfast Blend, Frosty Favorite, Mocha Mountain, Michigan Love, Dutch Chcoclate Mint, Jack Frost Java

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  1. Jeff

    Great tasting coffee! I drink it black and this is my new go to every morning. It’s all the great effects of coffee with out the additional caffeine jitters or anxiety.

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