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CBD Sparking Lemonade is exactly what you would expect from a refreshing summertime classic. Float’s twist on this American favorite, has a subtle sweetness and fresh lemon taste.



Above the Roots MI and FLOAT are experimenting with some of the most exciting flavors you'll find in the world of CBD beverages!

Our first flavor is CBD Lemonade


Oil based products carry limitations as they don’t effectively absorb into the body - after all, humans are 60% water and we all know oil and water don’t mix. Most of the product goes unused and is flushed right out of the body.

Through a process called Nano-emulsion, we are able to create a water compatible version that offers an immediate onset of action, higher absorption, maximized bioavailability, and potent therapeutic effects at much lower doses.  Compounds are broken down into tiny particles below 100 nano meters (1 billionth of a meter!) This size allows the cannabinoids to pass through the lining of your mouth and throat right away, then into your bloodstream through capillaries right under the surface. These particles are then emulsified, allowing them to remain stable in this form and to disperse effectively throughout all  liquids.

Unlike oil based products that have to travel through your digestive system and liver losing potency throughout its voyage, Nano-emulsion is the quickest route to relief while reducing the loss of product.

CBD Lemonade is exactly what you would expect from a refreshing summertime classic. Float's twist on this American favorite has a subtle sweetness and fresh lemon taste. This ready-to-drink beverage is infused with 20 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. The flavor of CBD lemonade is crafted to give a zingy sourness to your taste buds. Perfectly chill, this special lemonade will help you de-stress by letting you go through all your worries. This product is anti-inflammatory, reduces anxiety & stress, and promotes a calm mind & body. CBD Lemonade Float gives you what you expect from classic summertime lemonade with a slight twist.

● Full Spectrum Lemonade Float
● 20 mg of CBD per bottle
● Expert Formulated in the USA
● CO2 Cannabidiol extraction
● 100% natural and organic ingredients
● Absolutely vegan and gluten-free
● Independently lab tested
● Zero THC

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1 review for CBD Lemonade

  1. Liz N

    This is the best lemonade I have ever had. The fact that it has CBD is just a bonus! It’s a little fizzy, but not too much so. This is perfect for a day on the golf course, beach, boat or at a grill out. I drink it year-round, because I just love the taste!

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