Spa Bundle


Sometimes you’re in need of a proper pampering, but the idea of going to (and paying for…) the spa just feels like an added stress. What to do? Bring the spa home with our cleansing Spa at Home CBD Bundle! This incredibly convenient package is chock full of the premium CBD products you’ll need to recreate the perfect spa experience in the comfort of your own home! Beginning with your choice of any one of our CBD Gummies, sure to  help you relax, extending next with Massage Oil and follow up with our CBD Lotion., Wrapping up with our CBD Bath Salts choose from 6 different scents -- this package is a pampering powerhouse! Are you ready to relax? Then what are you waiting for??!! Add Above the Roots MI Spa at Home CBD Bundle to your shopping cart now!

  • Includes
  • 30 day supply of Gummies
  • 4 oz CBD Massage Oil with 250mg of CBD
  • 4 oz CBD Loction with 250mg
  • 16oz Bath Salts (6 different scents to choose from)


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